Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Time to Play

Yesterday was a time to play.

I haven't kept count of the number of times I've sat down with my laptop to write my next post, but I can tell you that I've done it again and again. I think, "Early in the morning, things will be quiet and calm." Emails and social media notifications from the hours I slept beckon. I think, "When Pip has gone to bed, something will come to me." I end up preparing a lesson plan, or chatting with Chris as he works into the night in his home studio, or watching old episodes of The Office. I think, "While Pip plays in her room, I will slip over to my desk and take care of it." I get caught up doing laundry, or washing dishes, or joining in her games.

In recent weeks, my blessed life has kept me occupied. Writing started to feel like a chore, when it began as a great source of joy. My primary goal with this newborn blog has been consistency. Yes, I hope the content is relevant. Yes, I want to share projects and ideas of which I am proud. Yes, I am involved in many things, and I value it as something that is just mine.

While struggling for the umpteenth time with what I might share next, I realized that I would benefit from following the sage advice of a friend who has blogged much longer than I. She said, especially when the writing got more difficult, to make sure to get out and play.

So, yesterday was a time to play. I stepped away from the laptop. Pip and I dabbled in her lessons I had prepared, but we also reveled in the fact that all nine seasons of Curious George are now on Hulu. I didn't complete the Halloween wreath I had planned, but we did figure out what we needed for Pip's costume. I was grateful when Chris offered to make dinner--something I usually enjoy doing myself--and served up some comforting grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

My family is content and I'm refreshed and excited to see what comes next.

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