Tuesday, November 29, 2016

7 Clutter-Free Gifts for Kids

I write this as the mom of a child with plenty of things. Yes, she has a few requests for Christmas. And yes, she will likely receive them. But she needs very little (she's growing like a weed; don't 7-year-olds like to get shoes as gifts?), and I know many of her friends are in similar situations.

We still like to give gifts as much as any kid likes to receive them. So we've started giving more gifts of "experiences." I haven't followed up with the child-recipients of said experiences, but they have gone over pretty well with their parents. If you're looking for a clutter-free gift for a child in your life, this is for you.

Vouchers for a Play Place
If there's an indoor play place or trampoline park where the child lives or in a neighboring town, this is a great gift. If you want to give the child something to open, consider some fun socks since many of those places require them.

Gift Cards for a Favorite Restaurant
Pip loves going to Dairy Queen for ice cream. When she received her own gift card for DQ she flipped out, and immediately asked me how many Dilly Bars it would buy.

PJs are useful and you can get really fun ones for kiddos--seasonal, character-covered, you name it.

Movie Tickets
When I was a teenager, I took each of my youngest brothers to the movies for their birthdays. They got to pick the movie. I may have even sprung for popcorn (if not, sorry pals). It was really special. A gift card for the local theater can be a fun thing for kids to have control of (within reason of course).

Tickets to a Performance
Live children's shows appear at various venues around the country. Whether it's a stage version of a TV show the kiddo likes, or a ballet performance, or a monster truck rally, it's going to make an impression. If you're a grandparent, and it's feasible, take the child to the event yourself and make a great memory together.

A Class
Whether it's art, ballet, karate, gymnastics, horseback riding, violin, you name it, the cost of classes adds up! They--and their parents--would probably welcome a month or more of class tuition (consider if there's a registration fee, too--you don't want to accidentally leave the parent with an unexpected bill). If you want the child to have something to open, consider giving them the clothing or equipment they'll need for their new class.

A Membership
Membership to a zoo, children's museum, science center, or art museum is a fabulous gift that a child and her/his family can enjoy all year long. If you want the child to open a gift along with it, consider something that they can use on trips to the location, like binoculars for the zoo or a sketchbook and pencils for the art museum.

Has your child ever received any of these gifts? Did it go over well?

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