Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Little Pony Birthday Party

Pip requested a My Little Pony themed party for her 7th birthday. It was a wonderful celebration!

We utilized our church's gym so that weather would not be a factor. I concentrated decorating efforts on one small area where we served cake and ice cream and where she opened gifts. That's where the majority of photos would be taken anyway, right? She really liked the "official" decorations that we saw in stores, so I purchased a few licensed items: tablecloth, birthday banner, cupcake liners and toppers, and a pack of "dangling spirals" that I disassembled and used in two places. The galvanized serving pieces were borrowed from friends. To these I added solid colored plates, napkins, and cups, and used solid color plastic tablecloths for the backdrop.

The cupcakes were made from a boxed gluten free mix and topped with a simple homemade frosting. We bought ice cream and offered water and pink lemonade. Simple.

I enjoy making decorations, so the guest tables were my chance to get creative. We set up one table inspired by each of the "Mane Six." I clipped the images of each of the ponies from the "dangling spirals" and used them in my centerpieces. Some of the items I had at home, but anything else I needed, I found at the local dollar store. I used binder clips (one of my go-to tools!) to stand them up.

Applejack: orange tablecloth, yellow gift bag filling

Fluttershy: yellow tablecloth, pink patterned scarf, pink Easter grass

 Pinkie Pie: pink tablecloth, pink curling ribbon

Rarity: white tablecloth, squares of purple tablecloth (although cardstock would do), silver sequins, mason jar, purple sparkly tissue paper

Rainbow Dash: blue tablecloth, orange cardstock, rainbow tissue paper twisted together and pushed through the hole in the bottom of an upside down foam koozy

Twilight Sparkle: purple tablecloth, purple tissue paper, pink cardstock for the star, clear plastic jewels, mason jar inside a fleece sock, purple dish towel

Pip wanted party games that all of her guests could enjoy, and she came up with a great list. Again, one was inspired by each of the Mane Six.

One table hosted Rarity's Cutie Mark Design Station and Twilight Sparkle's Friendship (Is Magic) Bracelet Making Booth.

The table that held Applejack's Sweet Apple Acres Barnyard Haybale Stack (hay bales were just kitchen sponges cut into similar shapes and sizes) also contained ponies to play with.

A pinata had been at the top of the party wish list; who better to assign to this party staple than Pinkie Pie?

And, finally, Rainbow Dash's Thunderbolts Obstacle Course was a huge hit!

The cost of the party was, I thought, reasonable. It was cute, and the guests and the birthday girl all had a fabulous time. The fun started for us in the weeks before, as we figured out the details of the event. I'm delighted that Pip loves party planning as much as I do!

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  1. What a superb arrangement! I think I have found the perfect post. I just finalized an LA venue for my niece’s birthday party and this post made me realize how much she loves ponies and it is all because I am showing Dexter’s laboratory to her every day. She got the dee-dee effect on her.