Thursday, November 17, 2016

November Thing a Day Giveaway Update

At the beginning of November, I shared my plan to find one thing in my home every day that we no longer use, and remove it. We're a couple of weeks into the month, and I'm pleased to report that besides giving myself a little breathing room that I was desiring, I have also made and saved myself some money!

On day one, I listed an item on eBay that had been sitting on my desk for months, waiting for me to do just that. It only took a few minutes to take photos, write a description, and set a price, and it sold that day. Although I knew the rest of the project wouldn't be like that, kicking things off with a little extra cash was fun!

After that, the task started slowly, in Pip's closet. Each day of the first week, I reached in and pulled out something that I knew she could no longer wear. Some items are going to a local assistance center, and a few seldom-worn more formal dresses are going to be sold at a consignment store. One dress that she loves is so battered and stained that I put it into my craft stash; I'm thinking it will find another life as doll clothes.

I moved on to my clothes next. For a couple of days, I pulled out one item that I knew I wouldn't wear any more, either because it didn't fit properly or because it was so worn or stained that I had to wear it under something else. Stipulations on how I can or cannot wear a garment have no room in my life. As I was rummaging through my chest of drawers looking for a top that I wanted to wear, I realized I would save time by just dumping out an entire drawer and sorting the contents into "I still wear this" and "I no longer wear this." It took just a few minutes to pull about 10 items from two drawers that I didn't need to keep. I tried on three of the tops once more, for good measure. All of those are now out of there. The drawers open and close easily and everything inside is something that I currently enjoy wearing. Everything else was either tossed out or is going to the assistance center to be enjoyed by someone else.

I did the same thing in my closet, which took about 20 minutes (I recognize that I don't have a large closet), and besides tidying it up, I discovered a nice stash of health and beauty items that I had forgotten about. So I'll save a little money in the coming weeks and months by not needing to purchase shampoo, soap, razors, deodorant, toothpaste, and so on. We already have it!

Chris recently went through his clothes, and since I make almost all clothing purchases and handle the household laundry, I know where his wardrobe stands. I am not tackling that one this time around.

Other spaces in our house have benefited from a quick clean-out, although the things removed from there were not to share, but rather to discard. These locations include bathroom storage cabinets, our medicine and first aid stash, and the top of the refrigerator. I found several things I had forgotten about in my "gift items purchased for a later date" bin, which will also serve me well in the upcoming holiday season!

Getting started in our school room (which is our formal dining room) has encouraged me to re-imagine the space, and I'm very excited about the potential outcome of that change and how it will affect my peace in the house and our use of the room.

I am joyfully continuing this project and looking forward to seeing how the second half of November plays out.

If you've been doing the same thing, I'd love to hear how it's going! And if you haven't started yet, I invite you to join us today as we bit-by-bit clear our homes of things we no longer use and pass still-good items along to someone who can enjoy or benefit from it.

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