Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Favorite Sale: Peebles

Our little shopping mall houses a Peebles. Since I signed up for their rewards club (NOT their store credit card, just the rewards club), I have enjoyed shopping there immensely. They send me coupons and sale reminders via text and email, and if I am careful to shop the sale and clearance racks, I find some amazing buys there!

This past weekend I ended up there kind of by mistake. Chris was working, Pip was with Mimi, and I was out alone--something of a rare occurrence. I stopped by the mall to return a beautiful birthday gift that hadn't been the right fit, and as I entered the building Mimi forwarded me her most recent text reminder from Peebles. "That's not why I'm here," I responded. "Worth looking," she replied. She was right.

First off, every department contained racks of clothes and shoes and household goods marked "clearance" which were up to 75% off. Second, all clearance items were buy one, get one free. And third, I had received an email for $5 off any purchase of $5 or more, just for fun.

I prowled around the store section by section. I wasn't looking for anything specific, just looking. I didn't want to spend much--or anything, really--unless it was something we needed or would definitely use. My last department was home goods. I headed straight for the clearance shelves. That's where I found this guy.

Pip thinks the Minions are great fun, and we use travel cups almost every day. This cup was originally $12.99; yeah, right. It was marked down to $6.49; I still wouldn't have bought it. Oh, wait, all clearance is buy one, get one free and there's a second, identical cup in the clearance section; now I'm getting them for $3.25 each. And I can use that $5 off any purchase? That's two nice kids' travel cups for a grand total of $1.49 before tax, and I "saved" $24.49. (The second cup is not in this photo because it was immediately washed and was in use at picture time.)

In case you're skeptical, here you go:

Of course I realize that not everyone could use a pair of Minions cups. But this same principle could be applied to clothing, jewelry, or other household goods. If I had felt like I needed a thing, I could have really cleaned up in the costume jewelry department.

And as if that savings wasn't fun enough, I was sent away with these parting gifts at checkout. They know how to keep me coming back!

If you don't have Peebles in your area, I suggest checking your local or regional department stores for the same types of member programs--and the bargains that come along with them.

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