Thursday, March 9, 2017

Day Trip: Frist Center for the Arts

(Part two in a short three-part series. Part one is here.)

So, you've driven to Nashville, and your family has enjoyed an entire morning--and perhaps beyond--at the Nashville Public Library. Now what, you ask?

The next place I suggest stopping is the Frist Center for the Arts at 919 Broadway. It's half a mile away, and not a difficult walk. However, I always drive it, because there's another affordable parking lot easily accessible, and because by the time we're done there, we don't want to walk back to the library. But I suppose that's your call.

There are many things about the Frist that make it a great place to visit. First, the old post office building that houses it is beautiful. Second, there is no permanent collection, but instead they bring in incredible exhibitions from around the world, which means that every time you visit you will likely see something new. Third, the Martin ArtQuest Gallery--a huge hands-on creative space--offers loads opportunities for guests of all ages to experiment with various mediums and technologies. Fourth, and perhaps I should have led with this, visitors 18 and under have free admission, all the time; adults are $12 but there are discounts for college students, seniors, and active military personnel.

Pip and I have spent many hours at the Frist, and we're always excited to go back.

If you'd like to stay in town a little while longer but you're not sure where to go next, watch for the third and final installment of this Nashville Day Trip series!

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