Friday, October 6, 2017

10-Minute Project: Clean Out the Glovebox

Pip and I recently cleaned out the car. While she was going through the many books that had accumulated in the back seat, I organized the glove box. I knew it was a horrible jumble of useful and unimportant items before I started, because the last time I had opened it looking for a straw, I ended up spilling half the contents onto the floor and then scrambling to cram it all back in at our next stop.

To avoid such an event in the future, I put back only what I thought was necessary this time. Here's what went back in:

There were so many other things in there, though, that I had added at one point or another, thinking that they may come in handy. They didn't make it back into the glove box, but they did find a new home in a plastic baby wipe container in the trunk with our jumper cables and other emergency supplies. Although I can't reach them from the driver's seat, they're with us if we need them.

Am I missing anything? What else do you keep in your vehicle in case of an emergency?


  1. I always like to keep spot sticks/wipes (Tide/Shout) in the glovebox. You never know when you may need it. Also, now that I have my own little kiddo, I tend to keep a small thing of wipes and hand sanitizer (I prefer the foam kind, it is not as messy and it is not as harsh on my hands).

    1. Smart about the stain removers--we need them often enough. Lol. And I second the hand sanitizer and wipes. Actually, when Pip was tiny I vowed never to go anywhere without wipes, ever again. Ha. They don't go EVERYWHERE with us anymore, but I do keep a pack in the car.