Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Grocery: Price Less Foods

I had the opportunity to step into a Price Less Foods for the first time this week (this one was in Owensboro, Ky). I had heard about their pricing concept, and wanted to see it for myself. I'm glad I took the time to check it out!

- The store was clean and well-lit.
- The workers were friendly.
- The everyday prices were good, and the sale prices were better.

To take it a step further, beyond advertised sales, we snagged some premium orange juice on manager's special for 1/3 of its "regular" store price.

Based on what I saw in that short visit, I will be going back. I want more time to explore. But I can safely say that Chris and Pip were big fans from the moment we entered the first aisle and found huge packages of some of their favorite specialty snacks for not much more than an average bag of chips.

Do you have Price Less Foods in your area? What are your favorite things to save on there?

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