Friday, February 9, 2018

15-Minute Project: Coinstar

Today I used technology that has been around for a while, but I had never tried. Today I dumped a bag of change into the Coinstar machine at the grocery store.

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We don't have a central coin collecting spot at home, so Pip and I gathered up change from the car, from around the house, and from my wallet. We didn't count it; we just dropped it all into a bag that would seal and took it with us when it was time to run errands.

Step by step directions on the machine walked me through the process. I opted to receive an eGift certificate and avoid the 11.9% fee of claiming my money in bills. A half-full sandwich bag of coins that weren't going to be easily used otherwise turned into nearly $12 in Amazon credit in about 2 minutes. Which I can easily spend in 2 minutes.

Boy, was that simple. And that bag was worth more than I estimated, which was fun. We usually spend our coins when paying with cash; I know not everyone does, so you may come out much further ahead than I did. If you have a change jar--or have loose change jingling around in different places in your house or car--and a Coinstar nearby, this might be a fun little rainy day activity for you!

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